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Recommended Newsletters

The following are subscription newsletters and or websites we currently subscribe to or have subscribed to in the past and/or we recommend to our clients.

Global Economy and Global Markets (Stocks/Bonds/Commodities & Currencies) Newsletters

  • Dow Theory Letters by Richard Russell
  • Deliberations on World Markets by Ian McAvity
  • Zeal Intelligence Report by Adam Hamilton
  • Weldononline by Greg Weldon
  • Grant’s Interest Rate Observer by Jim Grant
  • Fuller Money by David Fuller
  • Insights by Gary Shilling
  • Gloom, Doom and Boom Report by Marc Faber
  • Daily Market Newsletter by Robert Mchugh
  • The Gartman Letter by Dennis Gartman
  • Uncommon Common Sense by Aubie Baltin
  • The Chart Store by Ron Greiss
  • The Bank Credit Analyst
  • Conversations with John Mauldin
  • Bloomberg surveillance inside/Tom Keene

Stock Market Focused Newsletters

  • Investech by James Stack
  • Leuthold Report by Steve Leuthold
  • Cross-currents by Alan Newman
  • Lowry’s by Paul Desmond

Technical Analysis Newsletters

  • Yamada Tech Research by Louise Yamada
  • Murphy by John Murphy
  • Decision Point by Carl Swenlin

Precious Metal Newsletters

  • Precious Metal Stock Review by Warren Bevan
  • by David Morgan
  • Doug Casey's Gold Letter
  • Clive Maund's
  • Gold Stock Analyst by John Doody

Geo-Political Newsletters

  • Strat for by George Freidman
  • Early Warning Report by Richard Maybury

Mutual Fund Commentary

  • Bill Gross of Janus Henderson Investors
  • Jeremy Grantham of GMO Funds
  • Doug Noland of Federated Funds
  • Jeff Gundlach of Doubleline Funds
  • John Hussman of Hussman Funds