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A Fee-Based Full-Discretion Investment Advisory Firm

Holland Investment Management:

In February 2004 Gary Holland formed Holland Investment Management (HIM) after spending the prior ten years at Smith Barney. Gary left Smith Barney because he did not believe the old brokerage model was an effective method of managing client investment portfolios. Instead he wanted to manage client portfolios on a fee-based, full discretion model.

Fee-Based Approach

At HIM, we believe the fee-based approach is best because the interests of both our clients and HIM are aligned. Both benefit from the growth of the client’s investment portfolio’s and both are negatively impacted by the declines in the value of a client portfolio. HIM is dedicated to studying the markets, global economy and politics to work to protect and grow client assets. Under the fee based system, we have no incentive to generate commissions, do any unnecessary trading or use any product to accomplish the goal of growing our client’s investment portfolios.


We believe the full discretion model is far superior to the old brokerage model.

In today’s volatile markets the old brokerage model of consulting the client before every decision could result in lost opportunities as there is simply not enough time to do that and still take advantage of opportunities. Full discretion enables HIM to effectively manage a client’s portfolio during volatile markets.

HIM offers 5 strategies for our clients based on their financial situation, investment timeframe and risk tolerance.

  • Conservative
  • Moderately Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Aggressive
  • Aggressive